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Debating Israel and Palestine: How Should the Episcopal Church Invest its Money?

The question of how the Episcopal Church should respond to issues of peace and justice in Israel and Palestine, particularly when it comes to financial investments, has proven so fraught that a working group was created just to figure out how best to talk about it. Following the 2015 General Convention, during which debate became…
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Israel and Palestine: Pursue Positive Investment

I write in prayerful and cautious opposition to Resolution C017 “A Just Peace in the Holy Land”— and I do so as a person who is concerned about protecting and supporting Palestinians. It is my opinion that this resolution will have the unintentional consequence of further harming the very Palestinians it aims to protect. My…
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Israel and Palestine: Let Us Question Our Caution

The 79th General Convention is considering at least twelve separate resolutions on Israel and Palestine: C035, C038, B003, D019, D018, D027, D028, D038, D039, D041, B018, B021, C017 The topics range from ending the imprisonment of Palestinian children to the protection of the diversity in Jerusalem. General Convention regularly considers the Episcopal Church’s role in the…
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