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Deputies Say Goodbye to the 79th General Convention

Before they journey home, we asked several deputies, “where did you see God at General Convention?”

Day of the Purple Scarf

Of the 160 bishops active in the House of Bishops, only 21—or 13 percent—are women. To raise awareness of the effort to continue to break the “stained glass ceiling” in the House of Bishops, supporters of moving more women into the episcopacy declared July 9 to be Purple Scarf Day at the 79th General Convention….
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Episcopalians Stand Vigil at Hutto Detention Center

Episcopalians at the 79th General Convention traveled to the Hutto Detention Center on Sunday morning to stand vigil, advocating against the separation of families seeking asylum at our border. This video features the Rev. Megan Castellan, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ithaca, New York and alternate deputy from West Missouri, and the Most….
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Episcopalians Unite Against Gun Violence

Deputies and bishops to the General Convention gathered on Sunday morning at General Convention to pray and act against gun violence. The witness was organized by Bishops United Against Gun Violence.

Deputies Respond to #MeToo and the Church

Deputy News videographer Katie Forsyth sat down with some church leaders to talk #MeToo, hearing their stories, and reflecting on what we might do as Episcopalians to grow from this movement. Participants included Deputy Julia Ayala Harris of Oklahoma, Deputy Fredrica Harris Thompsett of Massachusetts, seminarian AnnaMarie Hoos, Deputy Anne E. Kitch of Bethlehem, Deputy Sophie Kitch-Peck of Bethlehem, Deputy Alexizendria Link of…
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Law and Order: Episcopal Unit. DUN DUN

In the Episcopal Church, the people are represented by two separate and equal groups: the lawyers, who writ the canons, and the not-lawyers, who attempt to decipher them. This…is their report. DUN DUN. Welcome to the Official Blue Book report of the Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution, and Canons, or as I lovingly dubbed…
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Seventeen-year old Andrés Gonzalez-Bonillas is ready to preach

Andrés Gonzalez-Bonillas is a rising high school senior from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Chandler, in the Diocese of Arizona is the preacher today at the 10:30 Holy Eucharist.   He sat down to talk about this experiences in the Episcopal Church and his outlook on creative expression with Rebecca Watts of Deputy News, and also…
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What I Hope Doesn’t Get Lost

In the crush of legislation, some worthy proposals get overlooked. Deputy News asked several deputies and alternate deputies to tell us what potentially low-profile initiatives they hope don’t get lost at this General Convention. Crystal Plummer, a lay deputy from the Diocese of Chicago is the diocese’s interim director of networking. She writes: At General…
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Your tl/dr Guide to Blue Book Reports

We know that even the most diligent deputy might struggle to read every one of the 1,128 pages of the Blue Book. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We asked members of numerous groups that submit Blue Book reports to give us just one key takeaway from their report. Six of them rose to…
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Forecasting the Legislative Weather

Among the favorite pre-General Convention pastimes on social media platforms where Episcopalians congregate has been guessing what will be the most significant and sensitive legislative issue at the gathering, which begins with hearings tonight but opens officially on Thursday, July 5. At this convention, that game is a little more complicated than in the past….
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