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House of Bishops completes its work

On the final legislative day of the 78th General Convention, the House of Bishops plowed through multiple calendars and dozens of resolutions, including two that drew considerable debate but ultimately were approved. A matter that had caused significant debate on Thursday – whether or not the president of the House of Deputies should receive a…
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A budget for evangelism

Yesterday morning the Rev. Frank Logue of Georgia went to the microphone in the House of Deputies and moved an amendment he didn’t think had much chance of passing. In effect, he asked the General Convention, on the second-to-last day of its triennial meeting, to add more than $2.8 million to the budget for church…
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Bishops nix stipend for PHoD
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  Resolution D013, which would revise the process for creating the budget for the Episcopal Church, engendered significant debate in the House of Bishops about whether it was appropriate for the president of the House of Deputies to receive a stipend paid from the Episcopal Church. The resolution, including provision for an unspecified stipend, had…
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No small task: serving on the Joint Standing Committee for Program, Budget and Finance

This is one of a series of articles about how deputies are making up their minds about the issues before their legislative committees. Before I agreed to serve on the Joint Standing Committee for Program, Budget and Finance, I was warned about the overwhelming nature of this assignment. Working on diocesan staff for a few…
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Church Budget: Rubber, meet road

General Convention passes an amazing variety of resolutions, from social justice to liturgical resources to sweeping new initiatives. But for convention, like many institutions, where the rubber hits the road is the budget. The big question is not, how many great ideas can we pass, but where are we willing to put our money? Back…
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