Daily archives: Friday, July 3, 2015

Deputies sprint to the finish

On a day that began with their presiding bishop-elect begging them to put a fresh charge into the Jesus Movement and ended almost 10 hours later, the members of the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies sprinted through dozens of resolutions, sang and prayed, and forged a difficult compromise with their colleagues in the House of…
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Podcast: Fun, games, and the hymn to the virtual binder

In the last of her series of General Convention podcasts, the Rev. Emily Mellott, alternate deputy from the Diocese of Chicago and rector of Calvary Church, Lombard, spoke to deputies about the lighthearted aspects of life in the House of Deputies. Guests General Convention Bingo: The Rev. Melody Shobe is a deputy from the Diocese…
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Video: Worship at General Convention: gospel choir
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There are many things to do at General Convention, from the legislative sessions to the exhibit hall. One of the most collaborative, creative, and universal activities is the daily Eucharist. The music during the Eucharist on Tuesday morning was led by two young choirs from North Carolina. After the service was over and they had…
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House of Bishops completes its work

On the final legislative day of the 78th General Convention, the House of Bishops plowed through multiple calendars and dozens of resolutions, including two that drew considerable debate but ultimately were approved. A matter that had caused significant debate on Thursday – whether or not the president of the House of Deputies should receive a…
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