Lusaka Cathedral Is No Stranger to High-Stakes Meetings

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA—April 12—The 16th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), is taking place at a fractious time in the Anglican Communion. But the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, in which the meeting is being held, has seen much worse, and has long been a venue for high-stakes meetings among groups in conflict. At the…
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Scenes from the ACC-16 Opening Eucharist

Photos from before and after the opening Eucharist of the 16th session of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. Posted by House of Deputies News on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Preparations for the Opening Eucharist of ACC-16

On April 10 at 9 am, thousands of Anglicans from across the Province of Central Africa will gather for the opening… Posted by House of Deputies News on Saturday, April 9, 2016

General Convention photo album

Many thanks to Deputy News photographers Brian Baker, Jacob Bilich, and Jim Steadman for these memories of the 78th General Convention in Salt Lake City.

Podcast: Fun, games, and the hymn to the virtual binder

In the last of her series of General Convention podcasts, the Rev. Emily Mellott, alternate deputy from the Diocese of Chicago and rector of Calvary Church, Lombard, spoke to deputies about the lighthearted aspects of life in the House of Deputies. Guests General Convention Bingo: The Rev. Melody Shobe is a deputy from the Diocese…
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Video: Worship at General Convention: gospel choir
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There are many things to do at General Convention, from the legislative sessions to the exhibit hall. One of the most collaborative, creative, and universal activities is the daily Eucharist. The music during the Eucharist on Tuesday morning was led by two young choirs from North Carolina. After the service was over and they had…
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House of Deputies voting prayers
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The Rev. Lester MacKenzie led the House of Deputies in prayer before each vote on marriage resolutions. Peace perfect peace perfect peace. Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger. Jesus Christ, our Lord, our God. Draw near and be present with us. Fan our hearts, minds and…
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Opening prayer on the floor of the House of Deputies

The Rev. Lester MacKenzie has become known throughout the House for his rambunctious and engaging prayers on the Floor. This prayer opened the afternoon session on Tuesday, June 30.

Deputies born in the 1990s Instagram takeover
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During each day of General Convention, the DeputyNews Instagram account has been taken over by one of the deputies born in the 1990s. Scroll through the introductions from the first seven deputy takeovers below, and see all their posts on Instagram.

Podcast: ¿Que Es TREC?

Este podcast presenta a la Rev. Miguelina Espinal-Howell compartiendo con nosotros una breve explicacion sobre el Trabajo de TREC ( Siglas en ingles para el Grupo de Trabajo para la Reimaginacion de la Iglesia Episcopal).  Las propuestas de TREC abarcan areas de gobierno , administracion y estructura de la Iglesia.

Video: Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence
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Early on Sunday morning 1,500 people took to the streets of Salt Lake City to march for an end to gun violence. Participants included bishops and deputies of The Episcopal Church, visitors to General Convention, and others from around Salt Lake City.

A conversation with Dr. Charles V. Willie
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House of Deputies Vice President Byron Rushing talks with Dr. Charles V. Willie, a groundbreaking African American educator and former vice president of the House of Deputies who preached at the ordination of the first women priests, known as the Philadelphia 11. When the bishops failed to uphold that ordination and give equal rights to women, he…
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