The Hutto Service: Taking the Next Step


By now you’ve probably heard that the women who came to the United States seeking asylum and are now incarcerated in the Hutto Residential Center watched our prayer service on the ballfields near their prison and waved towels through the slit windows to let us know they were watching.

Yesterday in the House of Deputies, President Gay Clark Jennings read this tweet from Grassroots Leadership, the local group that helped organize the event.

“A woman called from Hutto after today’s prayer and told us they were glued to the windows until the last bus left the detention center. Women inside were crying, saying they knew they weren’t alone after seeing so many people there. Thank you.”

If  you were moved by the service and are ready to take the next step, you can contribute to the Grassroots Leadership’s Hutto Community Deportation Defense and Bond Fund.

Grassroots Leadeship tells us that gifts “will be used to release people detained and ensure they remain free. Bonds on average are $1,500-$10,000.  Funds will be used for bond, basic needs, and commissary so women can call their children and community, and other emergency needs.”

This church did something amazing on Sunday” said the Rev. Megan Castellan, principal organizer of the service, “and now we have the opportunity to continue the work we committed to in our prayers.”