Avengers, pandas descend on Salt Lake City

I have made the joke flippantly in the past, but it really is true—the gathering of Episcopalians from around the world for General Convention is much like the assembling of the Avengers. We sit surreptitiously in airports, glancing at each other out of the corner of our eyes—is that one of us? Could that be…
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A church “resolved” to grow

In many ways, the 78th General Convention is nothing if not a convention about church growth. This designation may sound strange to deputies with paperless binders full of canonical amendments on structural minutiae and theological treatises on same-sex marriages and the proper channels to allow the Episcopal Church to perform them. Yet both of these…
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Byron Rushing’s 15-minute History of the Episcopal Church Part I

The Honorable Byron Rushing of the Diocese of Massachusetts is vice president of the House of Deputies, and majority whip of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He sat down recently to talk about General Convention with Kathleen Moore of the House of Deputies communications team. Excerpts from that interview will appear on the Deputies News…
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A young Episcopalian “in love with the concept of an all-inclusive church”

One of these years, I will be that senior deputy who has attended and participated in 14-or-so General Conventions of the Episcopal Church, which might come at an early age for me, since I attended my first General Convention soon after I turned 13-years-old. This was the 76th General Convention in Anaheim, California, in 2009….
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