Maybe love does win

Yesterday was a day that made me believe that profound and radical change is actually possible in our country.  In the wake of the decision by the U. S. Supreme Court to make marriage equality possible across the country my Facebook feed was flooded with proclamations of “love wins.”  As a straight ally, I rejoice…
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How best to invest in the Holy Land: Deputies debate divestment

In the third of a series of viewpoint essays, Deputy John Kitagawa and Deputy Sarah Lawton of California debate how the Episcopal Church should use its financial leverage to purse peace in the Holy Land. Lawton supports a strategy of limited divestment as embodied in resolutions such as C012. Kitagawa opposes and favors what has…
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Deputies React to the Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage on Thursday morning. We stopped some deputies on their way to the floor of the House to ask how they felt about it and how they hoped the Convention acted going forward.

Podcast: Convention Worship

This is the first of a series of podcasts for Deputy News. To start us off, The Rev. Emily Mellott, alternate deputy from the Diocese of Chicago and rector of Calvary Church, Lombard, spoke to her guests about worship at General Convention. Guests: AnnaMarie Hoos is an alternate deputy from the Diocese of California and a…
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A day in the life: Praying to lose control

Lest you think that General Convention is all paper-pushing and lavish bottles of wine, last night I attended an actual prayer service. (I know.  Contain your shock.  Release your pearls.  Rise up from your fainting couches.) The service of Evening Prayer was organized by Acts8, of which I am a longtime member.  We gathered in…
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A strong PB, or an executive director? Deputies debate leadership

In the second of a series of viewpoint essays, Deputy Steve Pankey of Central Gulf Coast and Alternate Deputy Jared C. Cramer of Western Michigan debate whether the presiding bishop or an executive director should be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the church. Cramer is in favor of the changes proposed by the Task…
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General Convention: Episcopal Jeopardy!

The husband of a friend of mine was listening to us discuss the day at dinner. “Well, that’s Day 1 of Convention down,” he said, reassuringly. “No,” I pointed out. “That’s day 0. Tomorrow is Day 1.” “Good Lord!” he exclaimed, turning to his husband.  “We’ve been here this long, AND THIS HASN’T EVEN STARTED…
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A Day in the Life: Megan is the Guinea Pig

So at this General Convention, for the first time, I am a legislative aide. When I signed up, this sounded exciting. I had visions of emulating the characters from the West Wing—all fast talking and quicker walking, because my job was so very urgent. From my two orientation sessions yesterday, I realized that this job…
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Byron Rushing’s 15-minute history of the Episcopal Church, Part III

The Honorable Byron Rushing talks about how resolutions at General Convention allow us to have discussions about what is important in our lives as Christians. This often means taking a look at ourselves, including the decision to include women in the House of Deputies and forming a coherent mission strategy when it came to people…
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Bicameral or Unicameral? Deputies Debate Structure

In the first of a series of viewpoint essays, Deputy Bonnie Perry of Chicago and Deputy Jennifer Adams of Western Michigan debate Resolution A002, which would make General Convention unicameral.  

Church Budget: Rubber, meet road

General Convention passes an amazing variety of resolutions, from social justice to liturgical resources to sweeping new initiatives. But for convention, like many institutions, where the rubber hits the road is the budget. The big question is not, how many great ideas can we pass, but where are we willing to put our money? Back…
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Byron Rushing’s 15-minute history of the Episcopal Church, Part II

In this four minute video, the Honorable Byron Rushing talks about how the Episcopal Church awoke to social and political issues in the wake of the Civil War.