Daily archives: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Opening prayer on the floor of the House of Deputies

The Rev. Lester MacKenzie has become known throughout the House for his rambunctious and engaging prayers on the Floor. This prayer opened the afternoon session on Tuesday, June 30.

Thinking Audaciously at General Convention

Some years ago, when I attended a special CREDO for the Laity of Reorganizing Dioceses, I was introduced to the concept of a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). As this General Convention has progressed, what first began as a small motif—popping up here and there—has seemed to me to become not simply a theme, but…
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Vice President Byron Rushing on political issues

Why does General Convention take stands on political issues? “Political issues are part of the world,” Byron Rushing, vice president of the House of Deputies and majority whip in the Massachusetts House of Representatives says. “You know where Jesus is? In the world.”

Bishop Katharine: An Appreciation

SALT LAKE CITY – As Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori came down the aisle at our General Convention’s Sunday worship, I had many mixed feelings. The next few months, we will experience many “lasts” with her, and this was one. As her nine-year term as presiding bishop draws to a close, there is a growing…
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Deputies born in the 1990s Instagram takeover
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During each day of General Convention, the DeputyNews Instagram account has been taken over by one of the deputies born in the 1990s. Scroll through the introductions from the first seven deputy takeovers below, and see all their posts on Instagram.

House of Deputies Helping To Heal a Hurting World

I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the Episcopal Relief & Development Diocesan Coordinator for the Diocese of Florida for more than 12 years. During this time I have experienced Episcopal Relief & Development helping a hurting world in an efficient and Christ-filled manner. I often think about how lucky we are as…
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Available, but not authorized
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The House of Deputies yesterday signaled that the Episcopal Church is far from settled on a definition of sainthood, and is still debating how best to commemorate holy or particularly inspiring individuals. The house chose to “make available” rather than “authorize” “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” as a successor to “Holy Women, Holy Men” the…
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