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House of Bishops passes key marriage resolutions
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The House of Bishops on Monday approved two liturgies for trial use that will permit same-sex couples to be married in the Episcopal Church, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent of this year. Their action came just days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can now be married in all 50…
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Deputies debate marriage canons

In the fourth of a series of viewpoint essays, Alternate Deputy Susan Russell of Los Angeles and Deputy Bruce Robison of Pittsburgh debate A036, a resolution to change the marriage canons.

Of barnacles and rivets

Every time I hear the President ask, “Mr. Secretary, what is the next item of business?” I have a mini-panic attack before realizing I no longer need to know what the matter before the House is. That’s the difference between a secretary and a guest. I attended my first General Convention in 1976 as a…
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Podcast: ¿Que Es TREC?

Este podcast presenta a la Rev. Miguelina Espinal-Howell compartiendo con nosotros una breve explicacion sobre el Trabajo de TREC ( Siglas en ingles para el Grupo de Trabajo para la Reimaginacion de la Iglesia Episcopal).  Las propuestas de TREC abarcan areas de gobierno , administracion y estructura de la Iglesia.

Humility and the Denominational Health Plan

This is one of a series of articles about how deputies are making up their minds about the issues before their legislative committees. Why is it I keep needing to learn the same lessons over and over again? You know, the lesson that my world isn’t the whole world, my experience isn’t everyone else’s experience,…
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Promoting Diocesan Collaboration

I believe that the most important “sleeper issue” coming before General Convention this year is diocesan collaboration. A number of resolutions could open important doors to allowing our struggling dioceses to gain more traction in their crucial work. The various creative initiatives dioceses have attempted in recent years demonstrate the difficulties some dioceses face in…
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