Daily archives: Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bishop Michael Curry of the Diocese of North Carolina will be the next presiding bishop
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 Bishop Michael Bruce Curry of the Diocese of North Carolina has been elected and confirmed as the next presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Curry, who will be the first African American to lead the church, was elected on the first ballot with 121 of 174 votes. The news was announced to more than 850…
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The Presiding Bishop as master carpenter

Many years ago in a galaxy far away, I was an apprentice to become a master carpenter. Experience in every phase of residential building was essential. So I served as a helper for experts in every stage of the process. I once tended a plasterer who was truly an artist. He described the intricacies of…
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Podcast: Las voces Latinas en la Convención General

Este podcast nos presenta a diferentes lideres que comparten sus impreciones de la precencia latina en la convención, la importancia de involucrarse en las decisiones de la iglesia y como las redes sociales son importantes en nuestro ministerio.

Maybe love does win

Yesterday was a day that made me believe that profound and radical change is actually possible in our country.  In the wake of the decision by the U. S. Supreme Court to make marriage equality possible across the country my Facebook feed was flooded with proclamations of “love wins.”  As a straight ally, I rejoice…
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How best to invest in the Holy Land: Deputies debate divestment

In the third of a series of viewpoint essays, Deputy John Kitagawa and Deputy Sarah Lawton of California debate how the Episcopal Church should use its financial leverage to purse peace in the Holy Land. Lawton supports a strategy of limited divestment as embodied in resolutions such as C012. Kitagawa opposes and favors what has…
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